Friday, December 17, 2010

Where do I even begin??!!??

My life has been crazy between moving, moving again, teaching, breaking and spraining my ankle, blah blah blah. Blogging sort of moved to the bottom of my list. But I think I'm ready to jump back in :) Here is a mix of things that have been going on the last 6 months. Enjoy :) Brace yourself!

My baby boy is growing up way too fast!

Mayzie bug turned 4.
She's got more than enough sugar and spice to go around :)

The birthday gang

My sorry attempt at a princess castle.

My sassy girl showing off her new leotard :)
The girls at their school Christmas program
(I have to throw a shout out to myself for making their skirts. They are good from a far, but far from good)

Hallie with her dance partner/ secret crush! :)
Hallie made the choice to get her ears pierced.
I think they're pretty cute!

Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing two
Gardner's Village
(I made these skirts too) Ha

Hallie started kindergarten and Mayzie finally got to go to pre-school.
I took the kids up the canyon a few times. It is so beautiful up there!

The girls riding their scooters along the board walk in Chicago.
So beautiful!

My mom drove us out to Boston for another summer with APX.
We pulled in to Niagara Fall at 5 o'clock in the morning.
It was beautiful and we had the whole place to ourselves. Definitely a time I will always remember!

Niagara Falls
We had to wake all the kids up and drag them out of the car. They were so happy and loved seeing the fall.

Our Time in Boston
We were able to visit a few different beaches.
Always a fun way to spend daddy's only day off!

We were fortunate enough to have our good friends out in Boston with us. These 4 girls have a lot of fun together.

Grandma Lisa came to visit and took us all to the zoo.

Historic down town Boston

The girls played a lot of dress ups!

The days get long during our summers away from Utah.
We try to spend our time out doors as much as possible.

Lots and lots of time at the pool

Candle stick bowling

This was our 3rd fourth of July away from home. It was a fabulous day spent with lots of friends, food and fun.

My sister in law and I drove across the country in my mini van with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and lots of crap. We decided to drive 36 hours straight through so we were a little delirious by the time we got home!
Before we left for the summer

Hallie graduated from preschool

Hallie turned 5 on May 18th

Mothers day with my sweet kids.
I am so blessed!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothin but pictures

My sister and I decided to do a little photo shoot with the kiddies today. Sorry there are so many, but this is the best way for me to share these pictures with daddy.
We miss you Daddy!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirk is 1

I will forever remember the day this sweet boy came into our world! He has brought so much joy to our lives. Dirk is such a sweet boy! He loves to play with his sisters and will do anything to play outside. It is the cutest thing, at night when the girls are in bed, he will crawl back to their door and scratch like a dog on their door. Just begging to get in and play. Every morning Mayzie asks when he is going to wake up. The minute she hears him make a sound, she goes running in his room and gives him snuggles.
Curt is such a proud daddy when it comes to his little boy. He worked very hard to make sure Dirks first word was BALL. Dirk is always super excited when daddy walks in the door from work. I still haven't worried about getting Dirk to sleep through the night. I just enjoy our alone time. I love watching Dirk grow and love watching my girls interact with him. I look forward to many memories to come.

2 months

Love those first smiles

4 months

5 months

6 months
8 months, learning to crawl

10 months (Before his first hair cute)

First hair cute
Lookin' like a stud

Seeing as Dirk's first word was ball and he loves to play with balls, I had to make a ball cake.
He wanted to get his hands on that cake so bad!!

Just getting started

He ate the whole baseball and still screamed when I took the paper towel away :)

Oh how I love this boy!

I can't imagine our family without this little guy
(my cute mom in the back with her new hair cut! love it)